Things I’ve Been Doing Other Than Sending Emails

Every once in a while I host IGN’s Daily Fix. Here’s my most recent appearance, from Tuesday, when Sony’s online services imploded even harder than usual. Check out that awesome thumbnail image, in which I appear to be an undead creature. Also, nice scraggly beard. If I would have known I was hosting that day, I would have made myself more presentable.

Most of what I do these days at IGN is behind the scenes, but I try to write articles and create video whenever I find time. Here are some recent examples:

Gears of War 3: Lamest Ways to Die – I’ve been playing the chicken out of the Gears of War beta. This is just a fun piece that any Gears player can relate to.

Minecraft For Noobs – If you haven’t played Minecraft, you’re missing out (just like I was before I made this live YouTube video with IGN’s Charles Onyett).

Top 10 Gods of the Elder Scrolls – this isn’t really a typical top-ten list. I really created it as a framework within which to subtly make fun of elves. Read the comments if you want to laugh.

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  1. Craig H

    I love watching people die in dumb ways in the Gears 3 beta. One of my favorites is seeing someone plant a grenade and then remain close to it, while an enemy spots it and detonates it from a distance.

    But I would be lying if I said that some of the stupid deaths in your video hadn’t happened to me before. You frag, you learn. I can’t wait to get the whole experience this September.

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