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Hold Up. Rewind That.

When a particularly big trailer hits IGN, we like to sit down and tear it up, frame-by-frame. What’s the significance of that shadow? Why is that character smoking? What does it all mean? It’s ultra-nerdy, over-the-top game geek fun. We call it Rewind Theater. This week Erik Brudvig and I put one together for the […]

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Japanese Children Scoff at Our Monsters

Oh Japan, I love you. But you scare the ever-lovin’ bejesus out of me sometimes. Take, for example, the art of Gojin Ishihara, who painted images of slavering beasts for children’s books. The blog Pink Tentacle dug these up and posted a whole scary slew of them this week. Thanks, I think?

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StarCraft in 5 Minutes

About 15 percent of the world’s population knows what StarCraft is. Of those people, 5 percent have played it. Three percent of them have a vague idea of what happened in the original game’s storyline. And one half of one percent of those people understood it. I completely made those numbers up, but hopefully some […]

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