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Japanese Children Scoff at Our Monsters

Oh Japan, I love you. But you scare the ever-lovin’ bejesus out of me sometimes. Take, for example, the art of Gojin Ishihara, who painted images of slavering beasts for children’s books. The blog Pink Tentacle dug these up and posted a whole scary slew of them this week. Thanks, I think?

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Synthotronic Sounds

While we were in Tokyo together, Daemon Hatfield and I came up with the idea for a retro/sci-fi breakdance track called Synthotronic Sounds. We had a blast writing and recording it, but it wasn’t really a fit for any of his albums (mainly because it’s ridiculous), so he recently released it for free on his […]

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Writer, reader, musician. Winder of video game clockwork at CCP Games, fine purveyors of internet spaceships and shooty space soldiers. Former product manager at 38 Studios and Managing Editor at IGN. Collector of post-privacy artifacts. Recovering journalist. Based in Atlanta, frequent traveler to China, Iceland, San Francisco, and the strange places in between.

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