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Black Cloud Vol 2 Cover Art_thumb

Black Cloud Vol. 2 Is Here

About a year ago, Daemon Hatfield and I began wrapping up work on the first Black Cloud EP, a five-song introduction to what will eventually culminate in a full-length album of the collected songs. We released Black Cloud, Vol. 1, on 11.12.13, and the response has been amazing. Neither of us knew what to expect, […]

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Black Cloud is Coming

Black Cloud began at Aurora Coffee in the Virginia Highland neighborhood of Atlanta in the winter of 2012, with a black Leuchtterm 1917 notebook, a black Pilot Precise V5 Rolling Ball Extra Fine pen and a cup of black drip coffee. I was not wearing black eyeliner and a black bowler hat, but only because […]

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That Peculiar Enchantment

Gaming was never supposed to be an emotional experience. When I was young, video games were sold in toy aisles of department stores rather than electronics or media sections, and the adults in my life categorized them as harmless distractions rather than deeper entertainment moments. But I knew better. In fact, in the early days, […]

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